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Disciples of All Nations Community and Oratory is a member of the Anglican Union for the Propagation of the Gospel (AUPG), an Anglican mission Society established in the United States in 2018, with members around the world. The Anglican Faith is one of the oldest expressions of the Christian faith ranking as the third-largest Christian tradition in the world, found in over 165 countries.  Anglican Faith is sometimes referred to as the “middle way” between the Catholic and the Protestant Faith.

One of the most important understandings about Anglican practice and belief is the value of Scripture, Tradition and Reason. Our foundations are in the Word of God in the Bible and in the Book of Common Prayer, which is first and foremost a call to be a people of prayer.

Oratory traditionally meant a place of prayer; oratory has also been known as a movement in the Christian Church and Tradition for centuries, with a strong emphasis on prayer life, spiritual formation and discipleship

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We believe that prayer is first and foremost an essential part of the life and ministry of any Christian individual and group. As Disciples of All Nations Community, we are a place or house of prayer for all God’s children and for all who seek to know Him. Through prayer, the Gospel unity, the individual gifting and calling of Community members (Charism) and the bond of Common Rule of Life, we are a member of the body of Anglican Union Oratories. 

Our commitment to a life of prayer and to the gospel mandate us as a Community and as individuals to bring the gospel to all people, all nations and cultures with the spirit of the evangelist, the prayerfulness of a mystic, the mercy of the Good Samaritan and the humility of a servant.


Anglican Union, Who we are:

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