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There have been a significant number of African refugee families that have been resettled throughout the United States and the World. These families face difficulties and challenges in cultural orientation. As families and as individuals they require substantial social and emotional support during their first two to three years of resettlement in Central Florida. We concentrate on the most challenging aspects of the community and cultural integration.


African refugees come to the USA from very traumatizing situations of war and poverty. The lack of a smooth cultural orientation and mentorship during their first years in their country of resettlement often leads to fear, disorientation, isolation, marginalization, discouragement, disillusion, and anger. The additional trauma can have long lasting negative impacts in their lives, resulting in mental and physical health problems. 


AFCO mission is to help African families and individuals maximize their chances of living well, achieving greater goals and making a difference. Respect, Honesty and confidentiality is our best policy. Authentic Love, Compassion and simplicity is our strength.

AFCO provides cultural orientation and Community-based support to these families and individuals through a variety of programs and services such as Community events, age group programs, home visits on emotional needs, spiritual support, education, health, immigration, employment and housing, etc.


AFCO serves these families and individuals as a support system they identify well with in all aspects of their lives, particularly emotional, social, economic and spiritual. With the help of the larger Community of Central Florida, we build a Community life around these families and Individuals where they are meaningfully connected and positioned to also serve others. We all believe in serving and building together; we believe in “Nothing about Us without Us”, echoing president Nelson Mandela who once said, “What is done for us, without us, is against us”. Family stability and Community peace building are what AFCO is all about. More questions?

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