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What We Do

Our Programs

Cultural Orientation: we provide initial and ongoing guidance and support to African refugee and immigrant families for a better understanding of and adjustment to the American way of life.

Building Community around Family: we create a community environment and warmth around them as foundational to the economy of their stability and success.

Emotional and Spiritual support: we provide home visits, other forms of visits and connections to various resources that address their emotional and spiritual needs.

Local Resources: Networking and connecting them with local resources such as immigration, legal and healthcare services, and others.

Education and Learning English: we provide a variety of support to their learning of English as a second, third or fourth language and to their education efforts for themselves and for their children. 

Housing: we help them secure good housing and pursue becoming homeowners.

Employment: we help them secure employment, value work and explore new ways to better their employment experience.   

Youth Crime prevention and good citizenship: through education and various Community programs, we support parents’ efforts to raise their children as successful and good citizens of the land.

Financial education: we help them learn to be good stewards of their money through budgeting, good spending, and good saving practices.

Group programs and Activities: we organize activities and programs that are educationally and culturally oriented for the purpose of Community building and resource sharing.

Cross-cultural Advocacy between Africa and America: we invest in different efforts that promote cultural and cross-cultural awareness and appreciation among them.

Your part: If you would like more information, would like to participate or know someone who would like to participate.

Girls Mentorship Program: we bring girls together for fellowship and public speaking training

Summer Soccer Program: over the summer we provide a way for families to have fun, exercise and build relationships by hosting weekly soccer scrimmages

Back to School Supplies Drive: we provide school supplies and throw a party

College Application Advising: we help students apply for college

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